VO2 Max Calculator

What is VO2 Max?

VO2 Max is a measurement of how much oxygen your body can use during exercise. It is a good indicator of your cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

To understand it better, let’s take an example of two individuals, A and B. A is a sedentary person who barely moves around or exercises, while B is a professional athlete who engages in regular high-intensity training.

If we measure their VO2 max levels, we would expect to see a significant difference between the two. B, the athlete, would have a higher VO2 max level, indicating that their body is more efficient at using oxygen during exercise. This means that they can exercise for longer periods of time without becoming fatigued.
On the other hand, A, the sedentary individual, would have a lower VO2 max level because their body is not as efficient at using oxygen during exercise. This means that they would tire more easily during physical activity.

How do I calculate my VO2 max?

There are different methods for calculating VO2 max, but the most accurate way is to have a professional conduct a maximal oxygen uptake test (also known as a VO2 max test) in a laboratory setting. This test involves wearing a mask that measures the amount of oxygen you consume during exercise while running on a treadmill or cycling on a stationary bike. The test typically involves gradually increasing the intensity of the exercise until you reach exhaustion.

However, there are also some estimating methods to calculate VO2 max using a formula based on age, gender, weight, and heart rate.

1. Heart Rate Ratio Method

The Heart Rate Ratio Method involves measuring your resting heart rate and your heart rate after a submaximal exercise test, such as a brisk walk or jog. The formula to estimate VO2 max is:

VO2 max = 15.3 x (HRmax / HRrest)

  • HRmax is the highest heart rate achieved during the exercise test
  • HRrest is your resting heart rate

2. Rockport Fitness Walking Test

The Rockport Fitness Walking Test is another submaximal exercise test that involves walking 1 mile as quickly as possible.

You need to know age, body weight in lbs, and heart rate at the end of the mile walk. The formula is:

VO2 Max = 132.853 – 0.0769 x Body Weight – 0.3877 x Age – 3.2649 x Time – 0.1565 x Heart Rate + Constant (6.1530 for males and 0 for females)

3. The Astrand-Rhyming Test

The Astrand-Rhyming test involves cycling at a steady pace for 6 minutes while measuring your heart rate. The formula is VO2 max = (15 x HRmax) / HRrest, where HRmax is your maximum heart rate during the test and HRrest is your resting heart rate.

4. The Cooper Test

The Cooper Test is a 12-minute running test. The test involves running as far as possible in 12 minutes, and the distance covered is used to estimate VO2 max using a formula that takes into account age and gender.

VO2 Max = distance – 504.9 / 44.73

What is a good VO2 max for my age?

It is essential to note that VO2 max can vary depending on factors such as genetics, training, and health status.

VO2 Max for Men

VO2 Max for Men

VO2 Max for Women

VO2 Max for Women

Runner's VO2 max calculator

The Jack Daniel’s formula is the most ideal method for runners. Based on the way, you can estimate your parameters from a recent running race.

VO2 max runners calculator

VO2 max calculator (walking)

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