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Signs Your Glutes Are Growing

May 30, 2024
September 8, 2022
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Have you ever wondered if your hips get rounder after a period of butt exercises? Are your glutes getting stronger? Check out these four signs that can tell you if your glutes are growing.

Signs To Tell Your Glutes Are Growing

1. Tighter Pants

If you pick up a pair of pants in the morning and suddenly notice that the pants become tighter, your glute exercise may have paid off. But be careful that the growth is not due to recent sitting or lack of exercise.

2. Before & After Photos

Perhaps it’s difficult to notice the differences in your body by looking into a mirror. So you can take photos to record your change. This video tells you how to take before & after photos.

3. Measurements

The above methods are desirable but not accurate. An easy but reliable way is to measure how your glutes or thighs have changed over time using tape. 

measuring hips

4. Easier Glute Exercise 

If you feel easier and easier to finish your glute or butt exercises such as squats and glute bridges – it’s a good sign that your gluteal muscles are strengthened. 

Simple Workouts of Glute Activation

1. Walking Lunge

It is well known that squats work well for the legs and hip. Squats are suitable for beginners while lunges are suitable for further strengthening training. Compared with squats, lunges can improve body balance and stability more effectively, and help gain lower limb muscles. For people who squat for long, the stimulation of the same training intensity later is not that big. It begins to fall into a bottleneck. At that point, you can add walking lunges to your plan. Here are some tips for walking lunge. 

woman doing lunges
  • Standing naturally, engage your core, then take a step wide enough while keeping your weight between your legs. 
  • Bend both knees until your back knee is just above the floor. The front knee keeps upright, not slanting to the left or the right or forward. The knee behind does not touch the ground. 
  • Pause for seconds, then return to a standing pose. Repeat with the other leg. 

2. Side-Lying Leg Lift

fit woman doing side lying leg lifts
  • Lie on your one side on a yoga mat first with your legs straight. You can put your head on your lower arm or support your head using that arm. 
  • Lift the top leg quickly and then lower it slowly. 
  • You can also make it harder by lifting both legs or using a resistance band at the same time.

Try the two simple movements. You can find more butt exercises in our Exercise Guide.


Needless to say, it would take a long time to see the signs indicating that your butt is growing. But keep doing it. It’s on the way.

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