How To Turn A Square Butt Into Rounder?

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Turn a sqaure butt to a round one

Butt shapes vary from person to person. Many girls want a sexy round butt. But some find they are not born with round ones, but with other shapes less attractive such as a square butt. Let’s have a look at what butt shape you have and what you can do for a nice butt?

What butt shape do you have? A square butt?

The classification of butts seems to come from cosmetic surgery. It is generally accepted that a good butt shape is round, tight, smooth skin, moderate or large size, etc. Besides, apart from hips, the appropriate waist-to-hip ratio also matters. Research shows that most people find a waist-to-hip ratio of roughly 0.7 the most attractive figure for women. On top of that, people divide butt shapes into four common categories:

  • “H shape” butt (Square)
  • “O shape” butt (Round)
  • “A shape” butt (Pear or Heart)
  • “V shape” butt (Inverted)

What butt shape do you have? Have a test.

How to turn a square butt into rounder?

The key to having a nice butt is to improve your glute strength. Working your glute helps obtain a round and beautiful butt and strengthen the hip joints and stabilize the pelvis. Excessive anterior pelvic tilt, a common problem, can also be corrected in some way by exercising the gluteal muscles. These are some workouts you can try at home without any equipment. Go for it!

1. Squats

Squat for square butt
Squat – a good way of strengthening the glute

Squat is a good method for exercising hips and lower limbs.

  • Lower limbs stand shoulder-width apart, and the upper body must be straight.
  • Slowly squat down to your maximum and then slowly stand up. Just imagine you sitting back into an invisible chair.
  • If you move too fast, the exercise may not be so effective and can lead to a knee injury.

2. Frog jumps

Frog jumps for square butt
Frog jump
  • Lower limbs stand shoulder-width apart, bend your upper body and keep your back straight.
  • Jump forward and up like a frog on the ground and squat. To keep balance, you can cross your hands behind your back.
  • Note that the key is continuous action. For example, take 10-20 jumps as a group and finish 10 groups.

3. Glute bridges

Glute bridge
Glute bridge
  • Lie on your back on a yoga mat with your legs slightly wider than your shoulders.
  • Press your heels to the ground and lift your hips until your thighs are in line with your body.
  • When the hips are raised, the upper back is against the ground.
  • Engage your core by controlling your abs muscles.

Square Butt Workout Plan

These exercises, simple but effective, can help you strengthen your glute and have a toned booty. However, more effort and discipline will be required! 

Glute building workout plan PDF

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