Workout For Abs: Toe Touch Crunch

The toe touch crunch is an excellent exercise for abs that will help you fully exercise the rectus abdominis, external obliques, and transverse abdominal muscles.


A demonstration of toe touch crunch

What is a toe touch crunch?

One good core workout is the toe touch crunch. It is ideal for folks who exercise at home or for days when you can’t make it to your neighborhood gym because you don’t require any equipment. And this can be used as a crunch exercise when a certain number of repetitions are performed. 

As an alternative, and you might perform this exercise as an isometric hold you can exercise a muscle isometrically by holding it under constant tension without moving it (like planking). Therefore, once you’ve reached the top position and lifted your head and elbows off the floor. Then hold it for as long as you can without losing your form.

How to do a toe touch crunch?

  1. Firstly maintaining your shoulders off the mat and your lower back pressed into the mat.
  2. Then descend your legs toward the floor while stretching your arms overhead. 
  3. Finally crunch your arms and legs together, stretching your feet toward the ceiling and your hands toward your feet while lifting your upper back off the floor. And this is a complete movement.

Benefits of a strong core

Building a strong core has been demonstrated to lessen back pain and lower your risk of suffering a lower back injury while doing daily activities.


The toe touch exercise completely contracts the abdominal wall, which helps to tighten your abdominals, reduce waist size, and strengthen your core. Additionally, this exercise assists to enhance your balance, flexibility, and posture. And JustFit can help to record calories easily and quickly.

Typically, touching your toes is a low-intensity stretching exercise that uses little energy. And a 155-pound person burns roughly 150 calories during a typical 30-minute stretching session. Therefore, if you did toe touches for three minutes, which is a reasonable amount of time, you would only burn about 15 calories. 

Standing toe touches, when performed correctly, stretch and work your calves, hamstrings, butt, and shoulders in addition to your abdominal muscles. Depending on the variety, they may also provide a good obliques workout.