7 Day Workout Plan At Home: Why We Need A Workout Plan At Home

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As people increasingly tend to work out at home, how can we make home fitness more efficient and productive? This article will introduce you to a way to make your at-home workouts efficient and easy by creating a 7-day at-home workout plan.

Benefits of 7 day workout plan at home

  • Training volume is a key factor: You can make your target muscle groups get several times sufficient stimulation, and this way will allow you to achieve more significant results whether you are gaining muscle or losing fat.
  • Training time can be shorter: More training sessions means your training time can shorten appropriately and for people who exercise at home, short time is undoubtedly a very important demand for them.
  • Help you break the bottleneck: For people who have some training experience and foundation, they will find themselves in a period of time or a certain stage that has been unable to make progress, which is the so-called bottleneck. At this time, you can develop a 7-day workout plan to improve the training capacity and intensity. And improve the body’s metabolic strength. So as to break through the bottleneck.
  • Help you build a good routine: Creating a 7 day workout plan, not only will it help you have better workout performance, but it will also help you establish a regular lifestyle. For example, in order to comply with your workout plan, you will involuntarily become regular with your diet and rest.

Key elements of setting a workout plan

  • Determine your fitness level and body status: The first thing you need to determine is your current fitness level. For different levels of exercise to arrange your training plan and capacity. Followed by concern for your body status, according to the physical state of the training plan for dynamic adjustment. Justfit! can help you complete this process quickly and accurately.
  • Determine your training goals: Different training goals correspond to different training styles. So set your overall goals within a workout plan. If you are looking to build muscle, then high-intensity weight training is essential. While if you are looking to lose fat, you will need to properly boost the percentage of cardio in your plan.
  • Adjust your training plan in time: The training plan is not set in stone and should take full account of your time and physical condition, especially for people who exercise at home. Because of the limitations at home, there are some movements that we are not destined to complete, which requires us to properly adjust the plan for the day and replace it with other movements. And in this case, Justfit! can provide you with the best option.

7 Day workout plan at home

It’s important to find a workout plan that works for you and fits your goals and needs. It’s also important to listen to your body and make adjustments as needed. Here we offer some 7 day workout plans that you can follow!

  • Day1: Leg Stretch
  • Day2: Upper Boday – Push
  • Day3: Rest Day
  • Day4: Lower body
  • Day5: Back and Abs
  • Day6: Full Body HIIT and Barre Core
  • Day7: Full Body Stretch

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