7-Day Challenge: The 15-Minute Total Body Transformation 

Get started on our invigorating 7-Day Challenge: The 15-Minute Total Body Transformation, a dynamic workout series designed to shape your body in just minutes a day. With a focus on efficiency and effectiveness, this challenge offers a comprehensive total body workout to help you achieve your fitness goals.

82 Mins826 Calories
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For beginners
37 minutes per day
Upper body, butt
Program Summary

Join us on your body transformation journey with this 7-day challenge with an intensive 7 day workout plan specifically crafted to deliver amazing results in a short time frame. Each day, you'll engage in a 15-minute workout that targets either the upper body, midsection, or lower body. All of these workouts will ultimately help you to build strength and improve your overall fitness level.

This structured approach helps individuals who are looking for lasting results. If you are ready, grab your yoga mats and let's begin our first day. 

Workout Plan

Day 1

Full Body Tri Set Split

18 Calories
6 Mins

Day 2

8-Minute Home Core Workout

83 Calories
9 Mins

Day 3

Slim Legs and Round Butt Workout

165 Calories
17 Mins

Day 4

Quick Chest Workout

78 Calories
10 Mins

Day 5

Exercises To Lift Bust Naturally

72 Calories
10 Mins
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