5-Minute Express Body Sculpt 7-Day Challenge

Try out this 7-Day Challenge: 5-Minute Express Body Sculpt designed to sculpt and tone your entire body in just minutes each day. This challenge featured dynamic exercises to help you build strength and get leaned.

35 Mins214 Calories
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For beginners
37 minutes per day
Upper body, butt
Program Summary

Challenge yourself and put your body to the test with this 7-Day Challenge. 5-Minute Express Body Sculpt is an ultimate full body toning workout plan for females. With a series of quick yet effective workouts that target various body parts, it ensures that you achieve maximum results in minimal time.

Achieve your fitness goals with this full-body toning experience and get sculpted. 

Workout Plan

Day 1

5-Minute Workout to Get Abs

30 Calories
5 Mins

Day 2

5 MIN Legs Workout For Beginner

42 Calories
5 Mins

Day 3

5 MIN Booty Burn Workout

36 Calories
5 Mins

Day 4

5 MIN Back Workout For Beginners

19 Calories
5 Mins

Day 5

5 MIN Arm Workout

32 Calories
5 Mins
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