5-Day Lower Body Blast Challenge: Sculpt and Strengthen in 60 Minutes

Embark on our 5-Day "Lower Body Blast" challenge designed specifically for beginners! With just 12 minutes a day, you'll focus on targeting and toning your lower body. Expect to burn up to 616 calories over the challenge period. Get ready to sculpt and strengthen your legs and glutes as we guide you through a series of effective exercises. Let's kick-start your lower body transformation journey today!

60 Mins616 Calories
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For beginners
37 minutes per day
Upper body, butt
Program Summary

Join our 5-Day challenge and embark on a journey to sculpt and strengthen your lower body. Over the course of five days, you will follow a lower-body workout plan that targets either the legs or glutes. All you need is less than 20 minutes a day to refine your lower body strength and endurance, no matter if you are new or a seasoned fitness enthusiast. 

Get ready to unleash the power of your legs and transform your physique!

Workout Plan

Day 1

Express Butt and Thigh Toning Workout

156 Calories
15 Mins

Day 2

Quick Leg Workout

156 Calories
15 Mins

Day 3

Lazy Girl Leg Workout

100 Calories
10 Mins

Day 4

Easily Grow Your Glutes

90 Calories
9 Mins

Day 5

10-Minute Booty Burn Workout

14 Calories
11 Mins
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